What our Instagram followers love about the Joolz Hub

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Hello Urban Beauty! We recently asked our Instagram followers to share what they find appealing about our Joolz Hub. At Joolz it’s our aim to keep our customers satisfied and your opinion matters to us. We are very glad many of you like our Joolz Hub and that’s why we would like to share the outcoming results with you.


”It’s just amazing! I’ve had so many compliments about it! I love the design of the Joolz Hub.”


The beautiful look is one of the most important reasons you really like the Joolz Hub. Our Instagram followers fell in love with the Dutch design and the colours. For example one of our followers really loved our all black Hub, because of it’s cool look. And did you also know that we will release a beautiful green stroller this year? It’s clear that the Joolz Hub truly is a beauty. So, you should question yourself whether people check out you or your stroller when strolling through the city 😊!


“The huge hood that is a briliant sun shade and keeps him warm and toasty when it’s cold.”


Another important reason our followers love the Joolz Hub, is because it’s comfortable for both parent and child. We believe that happy parents raise happy children, so a smooth ride is indeed a good start. The Joolz Hub is designed to easily navigate through the city, making sure your little one can also enjoy a smooth ride due to the super suspension. Many told us that you really loved the large sun hood, which is great to protect your little one from the sun or to sleep without being interrupted. We hope that you keep enjoying the ride!


“I love how easy it is to steer and that it’s so well designed it will stay really long with us.”


When looking for a stroller, user-friendliness is probably on top of your list. We place Positive Design at core of everything we do and that is why we are super happy that you find our Joolz Hub easy to use. Many of you love it because it is light to push, easy to steer with one hand and of its high quality. We trust in in the quality of our products, and therefore offer a lifetime warranty on all our prams! Also good to know: you can stow away our urban beauty in small cars and easily stroll through narrow streets due to it’s compact size.   We want to thank our Instagram followers for sharing their answers with us. We design our products for you and with you. We can never get enough feedback on our designs. Share what you like the most about your Joolz Hub on Instagram by using #welovejoolzhub or send an email to info.us@joolz.com


Enjoy the ride!

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