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Upcycled Joolz rain covers with a new purpose

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We wanted to do something meaningful with our first Joolz strollers’ rain cover. Not only was it a creative way to transform our surplus products into new projects, but also a way to create a positive impact in the world around us. After having Ed the Elephant upcycled from our Joolz footmuffs, we knew that the possibilities were endless for our Joolz rain cover. So, we’ve contacted Sûr Atelier who were more than delighted to take our Joolz rain covers and start a new project.

A new invention from Joolz

Donating our rain covers to Sûr Atelier was just the beginning of creating a more efficient and sustainable invention. What started out as a stroller accessory turned into a well-thought-out bicycle crate cover that most cyclers may love.

“We had to think of a more practical way of creating the bicycle crate cover,” says Fang Goei, co-founder and product development advisor at Sûr Atelier. By merging our Joolz rain cover with other efficient materials, the bicycle crate cover was not only protective but also functional.

Fang Goei, Co-founder of Sûr Atelier (Left)

After carefully thinking about the idea, a durable, waterproof, and weather resistant product was born. When asked, “Why a bicycle crate cover?” Fang Goei simply stated, “In The Netherlands, bicycles are used a lot. It would be great for people often use their bicycles to and from their regular destinations.”

The bicycle crate cover is not only waterproof but also practical. Instead of removing the cover to get your items, there is an opening on top of the crate which is also see-through. The cover is handy for any size crate with the use of elastic bands.

Sûr Atelier has definitely outdone themselves by upcycling our Joolz rain cover down to the rain cover case, making it a convenient “Typical Dutch” product. The bicycle crate covers are now available at Sûr webshop.

 Sur Atelier sustainable bicycle crate Sustainable Joolz rain cover by sur atelier

How Sûr Atelier began

Sûr Atelier gives meaning to creating a home for people who have gone through a rough patch in their life. What started out as an untimely story, turned out into an amazing opportunity for many refugees at Sûr Atelier. After volunteering at a refugee shelter organization, Lara saw a great opportunity for refugees to make use of their talent, and to build a promising future in The Netherlands. 

Lara, Founder of Sûr Atelier

Now, Lara the founder of Sûr Atelier, co-founder Fang Goei and a group of motivated team members, found a way for refugees to make use of their skills. Many who are talented in sewing, knitting and upholstering have established a niche and are definitely making a powerful fashion statement in a Dutch town called Haarlem. The organization is making a great effort for refugees to get on their feet by providing them with one on one Dutch mentoring, and a positive mindset to handle new challenges.

“At Sûr, we want them to adjust to society so that they can make it on their own,” says marketing manager Quirien Bertels who also decorated the building into an inspiring and cosy atmosphere.

Refugees at Sur Atelier

Refugees at Sûr Atelier

Members of Sur Atelier working on Joolz rain cover

Member of Sur Atelier working on the bicycle crate cover

Sur Atelier Business card

They have not only inspired many refugees to use their talent for a better living but to also create meaningful items for Dutch and international residents.

“A soft landing has been created in our society for the status holders and the Dutch can see what beautiful and skilled people have enriched our country. – Lara

Refugees at Sur Atelier