Top 5 Joolz Must-Haves for your Stroller

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December 11, 2018 · Reading: 5 minutes

1. Joolz Comfort Cover

Have you ever found yourself gazing through store windows on a good sunny day or even taking your baby out for some fresh air? Whether a stroll in the park or gazing at that beautiful dress that you have been staring at for the last 5 minutes. Our Joolz Comfort cover is ideal for protecting your little one. Everyone needs a bit of sun but it’s also important to monitor the amount of exposure you baby receives while outdoors. The Comfort cover offers UPF 50+ protection, ensuring that your baby is safe from too many UV rays. While you are roaming about, this premium protector allows your child to take naps in a quiet environment by filtering out light, sun and noise. It is easy to attach and has 2 positions to go over the footrest or handlebar. This is just another one our top 5 items, ensuring that your baby is protected throughout the day. Our Joolz Comfort cover keeps your little one shaded with any of our Joolz Geo², Joolz Day³ and the Joolz Hub pushchair collections. Our Instagram friends like the ones below have been shading and sharing their Joolz Experience with us.


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2. Joolz diaper bag

Diapers: Check. Fruit Snack: check. Did you get everything? Every time you leave the house it may feel like a whole adventure to carry everything you need and then trying to figure out where everything is placed. Our Joolz diaper bag makes it easier for parents to get around. With the 11 compartments, everything can be easily organized. No more losing pacifiers in big compartments, or worrying if your baby formula will stay warm until. Our Nursery bag has you covered for your everyday essentials while staying organized and in style. The selection of colors matches the Joolz Geo², Joolz Day³ and the Joolz Hub looks. Check out how our Instagram friends are using styling in their Joolz diaper bag.


3. Joolz Footmuff

If you are looking for a sleeping bag which has a combination of warmth, functionality and comfort, our Joolz footmuff gets it right where it matters – quality material, windproof zippers, anti-slip fastening straps and convenient magnets to snap the cover in place. The size of the bag can also be used as a comfortable insert for your pushchair. What is really unique about this accessory is the anti-mud layer which keeps the bag clean, while your child stays nice and warm. The footmuff comes in a variety of colours, which is a great combo with our Joolz Geo², Joolz Day³ and the Joolz Hub looks. In places where there are super cold days, our Joolz polar footmuff provides extra comfort with 100 per cent sheep’s wool lining. We haven’t left out our older models! With our snuggle soft baby warmer, the cold days can seem shorter, so that your baby can enjoy longer strolls.


5. Joolz XL Shopping bag

Our Joolz XL Shopping bag makes shopping trips with the little one a bit easier. The handy stroller hook allows you to conveniently attach the shopping bag on any Joolz Geo², Joolz Hub & Joolz Day³ stroller. On days where you may need a little bit more than a few diapers and wipes, the XL shopping bag is ideal and can hold up to 5kg of items.