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Stroller features to look out for

February 6, 2019 · 5 minutes

Having a new baby means getting a new set of wheels, and we don’t mean a car (although that may be the case too). Choosing a new stroller can be hectic, and there is a lot to think about when making this purchase. It can feel just as overwhelming as hitting the car dealership. You may want to consider the features that are important to you, such as compactness, modular systems, lightweight, adjustability, recliner and other premium features. Not forgetting design! Maybe you really want a nice color but you are okay with a slightly less appealing stroller. Just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. 

Pushchair features consisting of design and manoeuvrability

You will want to consider your daily lifestyle in order to find the best hot wheels for your family. If you prefer long urban walks, you may want a stroller that is a bit more sturdy yet easy to maneuver over rough speed bumps, overtake shopping carts, and ease in and out of public transportation.  At Joolz we have three different baby rides for every parent’s need.

Grey Joolz pushchair features in the harness

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The Joolz line

Our Joolz Hub, Joolz Day³ and Joolz Geo² baby strollers are equipped with 20 positive design features, which will have your little one riding in comfort. The best thing about it is that you will never have to worry about high gas prices, or pushing efforts. The four-wheel suspension system makes going over rough terrains easy, with just a slight push of a hand… literally. And the tires? Best invention ever! No more filling air at the gas stations. The stroller tires are puncture proof and can handle broken glasses and random nails laying on the street.

The different pushchair rides with pushchair features

A stroller from birth

All Joolz strollers  either include or offer the option of the bassinet, ensuring that any stroller can be used from birth. It is perfect for babies up to six months, and the interior is just as sleek and spacious. What’s impressive is its breathable mattress, which ensures that your baby sleeps safe, cool and comfortable. We like to call it ‘the climate controller”. You know, the option that allows you to change the heating and air conditioner in the car?   But if someone is getting a little bit too antsy, then the see-through ventilation system a.k.a air conditioning option is perfect for stuffy, warm days.


Spacious Joolz cot is one of Joolz strong pushchair features

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Joolz pushchairs has a cot with a ventilation feature. The Joolz essentials blanket keeps your baby snuggle soft and warm

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Black Joolz pushchair with ventilation features

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The same stroller for growing babies

In a few year’s time, your baby might need a new ride that is compatible with their new lifestyle and healthy growing body. They may want to see the world a bit clearer. The good thing is there won’t be a need to go through all of that dealership hassle again. The ergonomic seat has an open harness and is an ideal stroller for growing kids

A great convertible pushchair feature is changing the carrycot with the ergonomic seat.

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The three reclining positions from the seat allow your baby to drive up right and head on, or lay back for a nap while someone else takes over the wheel. Whether it is mom or dad, the adjustable handlebar is ideal for different heights so you’ll never have to worry about reaching the brakes. Talking about using the brakes. While making errands, it is likely to stop for a few household, baby or convenient items that you may need. The stroller easy access basket is just as convenient. The opening is right at your feet, so you easily drop your shopping bags and items instead of carrying it around or leaning it against your stroller. By now, you would have guessed that the trunk is our easy access basket, or maybe not. We hope you got the point. If you consider yourself a slightly heavy shopper, our XL Shopping bag is the perfect attachment for any of our Joolz stroller.

One great pushchair feature is having the ability to attach the Joolz xl shopping bag to our Joolz pushchairs

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Strolling  made easy

Reversing can be quite difficult, but easy with the reversible seat option. Parents always like to know where their children are going, who they are seeing and how they are feeling. At this age, they won’t even think you are nagging them because they won’t have a care in the world. The best thing about our strollers is that you won’t ever need a big garage. The 3-click-system allows your stroller to easily convert into a compact storable mean machine, unlike all cars ever known to man. When you are ready to fuel up and go again, always remember the main rules of driving. Buckle up and do not drink and drive, unless you have mom or dad behind the main wheel. In that case, the Joolz cup holder is perfect for tanking up on your baby’s favorite drink. The strollers weigh between 11 and 14 kg and are a small price to pay for a ride of its incredible ability. Think of it as 5 good years of mileage and driving lessons.

reversible pushchair feature

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