polar footmuff

On cold days, the Joolz polar footmuff offers ultimate comfort. It's lined with baby-soft sheep's wool for winter-warm dreams.The outside fabric is waterrepellent and resists every snow flake, or rain drop. The lining is made of 100% wool which is soft to the skin, breathable and has a built-in climate control which permits your child’s body to retain its normal temperature. It keeps your child warm during the cold winter days. The Joolz Polar footmuff can easily be transformed to a nice and cozy seat liner. 

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Available for the Joolz Hub, Joolz Geo² & Joolz Day³

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$ 220.00

+ 100% sheep’s wool lining

+ thermo-regulating, breathable and water-resistant

+ comfortable seat or bassinet lining

+ warm in winter, cool in summer

+ OEKO – TEX 100 Certified

+ suitable for the all Joolz models

+ available in Black and Silver

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