Joolz aer car seat adapter product image
Joolz Aer Car Seat Adapter Product Image
Joolz Aer folded with car seat adapter

Joolz Aer car seat adapters

From car to coffee shop: let your baby sleep comfortably. Simply click your car seat onto your Joolz Aer Stroller and off you go.

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Available for the Joolz Aer

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$ 40.00

+ Easily attaches and detaches from the Joolz Aer chassis

+ Suitable only for the Joolz Aer

+ compatible with:

  • Nuna Pipa, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite XL,  Pipa RX and Pipa Lite R
  • Cybex Cloud Q (plus), Aton Q (i-size)
  • Clek Liing
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