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With your Joolz footboard, your child enjoys a comfortable ride behind the stroller.

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Available for the Joolz Geo, Joolz Hub, Joolz Geo² & Joolz Day³

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+ make room for 1 more with this easy to attach footboard

+ spacious and stable, your child enjoys a comfortable ride

+ enough space for long legs behind the stroller without compromising your stride

+ brake is always within reach when footboard is in use and contains non-skid material

+ easy to stow away when not in use or stroller can be folded with footboard attached

+ suitable for children from  1.5 to 4 years old. 44 lbs. weight capacity

+ compatible with Joolz Day³, Joolz Hub and Joolz Geo²  stroller models

+ measurements: 15″ x 14″x 8.5″

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  1. Clare:

    5 out of 5

    Excellent – you don’t have to bend over your toddler to walk. There is enough space to walk upright.