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Joolz USA Inc.
PO Box 4530
New York
NY 101634530

Do you have an issue with your Joolz product? Please contact the Joolz Customer Service Dept. Please send the below info/answers in your service request email to speed up the process.

– Where did you purchase the Joolz stroller?
– What model and color did you purchase?
– When did you purchase the Joolz stroller? (If you have an
invoice or a receipt, you can attach it to this e-mail)
– Please provide the serial number. (This can be found inside
the frame of the stroller)
– Please send any images and/or video of the issue?
– Is your Joolz registered via online or postcard?

You can also contact the below email for product questions.

Please email:

Thank You!



For press queries and marketing collaboration contact: