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What do you need to think about when buying a pushchair? The Joolz Team explains.

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Our Positive Design solutions are specifically designed around the body of you and your child.



A new-born baby's back is not yet very strong, do make sure that your little bundle is well supported. A good pushchair is one you can easily adjust to suit your height. Pay attention to the height of the seat. Is it table-height? That's better for your back too.



Make sure your pushchair has four-wheel suspension. That cushions any jolts so that your baby can sit and sleep comfortable. It also helps if you can manoeuvre the pushchair easily, even if your family grows or when your basket is fully loaded. It gives you a comfortable ride in town and in the country.



Your child's imagination may know no bounds, but your patience does. A good pushchair is one you can fold up easily and compactly. You should be able to put it in your car without any problem, with one seat and the big shopping basket or even with two seats.



Sometimes you're almost a super hero. To the resue! Give me the beach stuff, and be quick about it. Pushchairs come with shopping baskets in different sizes. Choose the one that's right for you. A good basket is firmly fastened on and always easily accessible.

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