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We believe in the power of the collective brain and want to further accelerate our product development capabilities, within and outside of the pushchair product category. That's why we have initiated the Joolz Positive Design Award, a compelling competition for students and young designers who create and design the best new product and/or service that inspire young families across the world to live a positive life.

Are you a creative? Do you and /or your team design the best new Positive Product? Do you want to win the Joolz Positive Design Award of € 2.500,- and the possibility for a new job or internship to transform your concept into a real new product*?

Who can participate?

Young designers or students in design, engineering, graphic design, marketing, psychology..., it does not really matter! As long as you are a student or an ambitious designer , excellent in what you do, creative and able to write and present in English. You can participate as an individual or a team of experts!

Please subscribe to the Joolz Positive Design Award 2015 now!

* The second price is € 1.500,- and the 3rd price € 1.000,-



You can choose to develop a product or service in one of the underneath categories:

Category A: Transform your pushchair into....

After 3-4 years of usage the current Joolz Day is often sold on the second hand market or is disposed. We would like to challenge you to come up with practical and realistic solutions to transform the pushchair / parts of it into new products. In this category you can focus on the chassis, and the fabrics, or both!

Category B: Connect your pushchair

The Internet care of Things is one of the key developments at the moment. Products become smart, get sensors and will be connected to broadband Internet. Next to this the global access to broadband (wireless) is increasing rapidly in the next 3-5 years. What new opportunities for products and services do you see for Joolz? Think of smart & connected pushchairs or pushchair accessories...

Category C: Products and services for those who are less fortunate

Joolz wants to enable all young families to live positive life. Also those families with an income of just a few U$ per person per day. What product or service can we develop for them? Think of physical products and/or digital services (and maybe even local 3D print facilities?).



All concepts / prototypes will be reviewed based on 5 overall criteria, each with sub criteria and questions. The more evidence provided for each answer the more chance your concept makes it to the final top 5. Please note: all communication will be in English.

Unique and compelling (30%)

- What are relevant trends and consumer insights?
- Which consumer needs does the concept fulfil?
- What are the key functionalities offered?
- How unique is the concept? Why?
- How does it stay unique towards the future?

Positive Design (30%)

- What is the contribution of your design to user well-being (in terms of the three ingredients of the positive design framework that is described below)?
- Does the product or service contribute to a positive impact on the environment?
- Does it stimulate green behaviour? If so, how?

Designed for Manufacturing (20%)

- Do you have a proof of concept?
- Do you have a working prototype?
- Can the product / service be produced easily? Why, how?
- Can the product / service be produced in W-Europe? Explain.

Business model and potential (20%)

- What is the business model?
- What is the (expected) consumer price for the product?
- What is the expected cost price? Give a rough break down. And, what is the expected margin?
- How many pieces can you sell in year 1 - 3 - 5?


• Application period: 15 May - 30 nov
• Announcement Top 5-7: 7 dec
• Workshops top 5-7: 17 - 18 dec
• Final solutions need to be send: 5 jan
• Grand final: 22 jan

During the application period you can register yourself or your team on this website. Before the closing on the 30 november you have to hand it or send your first proposal. You can send this towards On the 7th of December we select 5-7 finalists, with whom we organize 5 sessions of 1.5 hours to challenge and enrich their solution. You can meet the jury and speak to employees of the brand. After this workshop the finalists have +- 1 month to finalize their proposal. The final deadline will be on 5th of January. Submittings after this date will not be reviewed.

The winners will be announced during the grand final to be held on Friday 22th of January.



Joolz is a fast growing Dutch company that develops and sells pushchairs and related accessories in more than 25 countries across the world. Our purpose is to: "Inspire all young families to live a positive life."

We design beautiful, smart and useful products and services that contribute to the joy and wellbeing of young families across the world. We do this for all young families, those with high(er) incomes who live in cities across the world. And for those who are less fortunate, at the base of the pyramid. Come and join us in our journey to celebrate life, to innovate and to bring happiness to all new-borns. With a minimal footprint, through intelligent product- and production designs. We call this Positive Design.

Our Positive Design philosophy is currently shown in
• our ergonomically designed products
• the Joolz Day Sense: a collection made from eco friendly fabrics and with educative toys to stimulate parent-child interaction,
• the Joolz packaging that can be transformed by the consumer into, amongst others, a little carton chair, a bird house, a light or an elephant,
• the Joolz birth forest: we plant trees in Colombia for every new-born that registers its Joolz,
• our Positive Notes: we post content on our website and social media on topics such as: food, exercises, design, sustainable toys, etc.

Joolz is available: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South-Korea, Japan, Russia and Australia. Joolz headquarters is based in the heart of Amsterdam, and we have colleagues working in Europe and Asia.

We believe in the power of the collective brain and want to further accelerate our product development capabilities, within and outside of the pushchair product category. That's why we have initiated the Joolz Positive Design Award, a compelling competition for students and young designers who create and design the best new product and/or service for pregnant women, babies, toddlers and / or young parents.

In collaboration with the Delft Institute of Positive Design


Delft Institute of Positive Design initiates and stimulates the development of knowledge that supports designers in their attempts to design for human flourishing. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility as design researchers to generate knowledge that enables designers to formulate effective strategies in contributing to the happiness of people. This knowledge should not only help designers in their attempts to deliberately design for meaningful product-user relationships, but ultimately also to design products that contribute to a healthy society: to make the world a better place. The DIOPD was established in 2011.

Professor Pieter Desmet is one of the founders of the Delft Institute of Positive Design. Desmet introduced cognitive emotion theory to the domain of design research, and is board member of the International Design and Emotion Society. Desmet was recently awarded a five year personal grant for research that aims to understand the nuances of positive emotions in human-product interactions.


The jury for the Joolz Positive Design Award consists of:







Prof Dr Ir Pieter Desmet Professor of Design for Experience in the faculty of Industrial Design - Engineering at Delft University of Technology

Emile Kuenen Founder, creative director Joolz

Ir Drs Stan Vermeulen MBA Managing director Joolz

Ir Kitty de Groot Head of product development Joolz


An introduction in Positive Design by Pieter Desmet:



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Registration is required for participating in de competition. Registration requires the following information: names, contact info (email address and phone number), and your education with student number. In case of teams, each member should subscribe individually with the same team name as your fellow team members. A team name can be provided but this is not compulsory in case you’re not in a team.

In the registration phase no additional information (e.g. design ideas) should be submitted.

The registration is opened from the 15th of May until 30th of November. To participate you have to subscribe before this date, this is also the final date for admitting your first proposal. It is not possible to participate in the Positive Design Award without registering before the above date. Subscribe now! And hand in your proposal before the 30th of November. If you have any questions regarding the registration please contact