Ten years Joolz. Inspired by you.

This fall, we celebrate ten years of Joolz and we proudly look back on all the positive vibes we have created. Besides designing many stylish, ergonomic strollers, we planted 35,517 trees in the Joolz Birth Forest, introduced an organic accessories line, added car seats to our product range and we expanded the Joolz family to more than 30 countries. Our biggest achievement? Growing together. With you, as a happy parent (to-be), and with your little ones.

You are our biggest source of inspiration and the reason for our success. In the future, we hope to keep inspiring parents (to-be) to live a positive life.

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Joolz Positive Design

Joolz Day Nautic

our 1st special edition

Joolz Birth Forest

celebrate your baby
contribute to the planet

reusable packaging

we give second life to Joolz packaging: don’t trow it away, create something new

Joolz Positive Studio

Joolz Positive Studio in Amsterdam: positive, healthy and meaningful activities for children, parents and parents-to-be

Joolz sustainable HQ Amsterdam

Joolz headquarters in a sustainable renovated factory with greenhouses and other smart energy-neutral solutions in Amsterdam

Joolz Sense

good for body and mind: our 1st pushchair with environmental friendly fabrics