Joolz reusable packaging

Another step towards a more sustainable future

Joolz reusable packaging

Whether you purchase a Joolz Stroller or a selected few from the accessories department, you will most likely come across a design on each box. Not just our packaging design, but a design to transform our cardboard box into something new such as a birdhouse, lamp or an elephant, just to name a few. Every box – from the stroller to a few accessories can be transformed into a functional yet beautiful product. This can be used to play with or placed as nice decoration throughout your home.

This sustainable packaging concept encourages reuse of boxes so that they aren’t just thrown away. “It’s just a shame to throw away all that cardboard”, our creative director remarked. And that’s how it started. We dived into our own youth sentiment and came up with the idea to recycle our packaging.

The outlined design shows users how to create a beautiful item from any of our large or small cardboard boxes. Cardboard furniture is not new, but by linking it to a Diy, recycling and packaging system, we have taken a step closer to a more sustainable world. We call that Positive design.

For each selected product that is purchased, an item can be recreated.

Diy birdhouse


 Download the instructions to make the Joolz Deer head here

Joolz reusable packaging deer head

 Download the instructions to make the Joolz snail here

Joolz snail reusable packaging

 Download the instructions to make the Joolz hot air balloon here 

Joolz reusable packaging air balloon

Other accessories: Download the instructions to make the Joolz parrot here

Our past packaging transformations

Joolz bird reusable packaging

Joolz bird

Joolz fish reusable packaging

Joolz fish

Joolz frog reusable packaging

Joolz frog

Joolz mask reusable packaging

Joolz mask

Joolz monkey reusable packaging

Joolz monkey

Joolz oven reusable packaging

Joolz oven

Joolz sea horse reusable packaging

Joolz sea horse

Do you have a new creation from our next cardboard packaging? Whether it is our Joolz deer head, Joolz snail or your own invention, share it with us on Instagram #Joolzreusablepackaging.