Joolz Purpose Day

· 3 minutes
Group photo of Joolz Employees
Joolz Employee

At Joolz we believe that we can all leave a positive impact on our planet. While focusing on today, we try to create a better tomorrow. We do our best to spark your life with positivity and try to deliver this message to the outside world. Our employees are most involved and an extremely valuable asset of our company. That’s why we want to do team building activities to spread fun and positivity at work, while contributing to the environment. So let us take you on this journey and enjoy the story of our Purpose Day.


Together with PlasticWhale, a social enterprise that aims to create plastic-free waters, we went plastic-fishing in our urban canal ring. The plastic they (and we!) collect is recycled into furniture and boats, which they use to collect even more plastic! Cool incentive, right? Since we want our little ones to live in a world without a plastic soup, this seemed like a good start. After this activity, we returned to our office in Amsterdam-Noord, where we joined a lecture from the Pollinators about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. Together we pollinated: Joolzers received a total of 200 seed packages to plant at home.


In the future we hope to organise more fun Purpose Days and want to keep impacting our planet in a positive way!


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