Product Highlight: Joolz Bassinet

Spacious, stylish and safe

If you are preparing for a new addition in your family, chances are you will be looking for a stroller newborn . One that is spacious, so that your baby can move freely. As a parent who is getting ready for a new bundle of joy, it is expected to find a bassinet that will have your baby comfortable at all times. Not forgetting style, of course! Being a new mom should not only scream for a convenient baby stroller, but for one that is also modern and sleek, to have you riding in style.

Instagram blogger emily rose and family with the Joolz Day³ and carrycot

Instagram 📷: emilyroseross_x with the Day³ and bassinet

Joolz Carrycot features

Newborn babies also go through their own baby workout. Do you know how much calories one burn by just sleeping? We are not sure 🤷. For newborns, it is a hardcore sleepout-workout. We are talking about 10 hours of on-and-off sleeping dedication. That is why our bassinets are lined with a breathable mattress for easy airflow. With the foam material, your baby can sleep in a safe and comfortable stroller.

Baby in Spacious Joolz cot

Instagram 📷: briciola.incucina

As your child grows, he/she will be more curious to explore the world around them. Each bassinet has a see-through ventilation feature, ensuring that your baby has fresh air for happy adventures. Our Joolz bassinet is ideal for babies up to six months and is available for our Joolz Hub, Joolz Day³ and Joolz Geo² strollers.

Baby looking outside of his carry cot because of the Joolz ventilation system

Our changeable carry cot

Eventually, your babies will start taking their first steps, and I am sure that you cannot wait to capture those moments. By that age, their tiny feet will want to explore everywhere. In their crib, through the living room, in their bassinet! No, we can’t have that! The Joolz bassinet is easily exchanged with the ergonomic seat or baby car seat for both our Joolz Day³, Joolz Hub and Joolz Geo² strollers. For our Joolz Hub strollers, you have the option to select the bassinet, or the cocoon, which is newly developed for newborn babies. Both bassinet and cocoon are easily switched with a car seat.

Mom and son pushing the Joolz Geo² with Joolz car seat

Instagram 📷: reyrey555 with the Joolz Geo²

Instagram user with our Joolz hub and cocoon

Instagram 📷: darina_ark with Joolz Hub and cocoon

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