Bastiaan Woudt

Joolz iconic black

Photographer Bastiaan Woudt—a father of four—captured the Joolz iconic black for us in his own, signature style. As an artist, he uses black and white photography to draw all focus onto his subject. Or as he puts it: “Colour is too distracting. Black and white differentiates reality. It strips the emotion to the essence, and makes it more intense. Not only in photography, but also in real life.”

Bastiaan’s black essentials

We asked Bastiaan what he takes on a day out with his children: Cenn (8), Mason (6), Daine (5) and Vienn (2).

my Leica

“I capture all my family memories in black and white, and once a year, I make a book of the most beautiful moments. It’s a great present for grandpa and grandma.”

my notebook

“Children say the most incredible things. I frame their quotes in my notebook. And yes, it’s black.”

my big bag

“The more I use it, the more beautiful it becomes: my big, black leather bag. It’s great for diapers, and for my drone. That’s right. My drone. My eldest son and I love playing with it.”

“Black and white differentiates reality.”