Introducing: Joolz Tailor

Now available on Joolz Geo²!

January 30, 2019 · Reading time: 5 minutes

Customise your Joolz. Day³ with grey fabric, silver chassis and emerald green colour accent

The possibilities are endless when comes to customizing your own Joolz stroller! From the fabric to the chassis and even your wheels, you can design a stroller that you will love pushing. With over ten cool colors for your bumper bar and handlebar, you can select one that fits your style. Whether you choose a bright blue or a sassy pink,  your accent color will be featured on your stroller along with your matching diaper bag. That way you and your baby can stroll in style, comfort and a fun pop of color.

Customizing for two!

Having twins or a second baby on the way? Customizing your Joolz Geo² is possible with the duo configuration. It is easy to switch the XL shopping basket with a bassinet or ergonomic seat! Double the trouble means double the ride but just in one!

How would you customize your Joolz stroller?


How does an all black fabric, chassis and wheel sound with a pop of tango red, or maybe silver fabric, black chassis and emerald green? Do you have a tailor combination in mind? Test it out in our Joolz Tailor section!

Joolz Tailor Strollers Around The World

Instagram users are hashtagging their unique Joolz Tailor strollers all over the world. Would you like to become part of our Joolz Experience? Share your photos with @myjoolz or #myjoolz

Customise your Joolz - Geo² with pink bumper bar and handle bar

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Customise Joolz Geo²

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