Baby essentials to keep in your Joolz diaper bag

November 22, 2018 · 5 minutes

Don't worry mama. We've got you covered!

When you are becoming a parent, your nerves may start to kick in because you want to make sure that you have all of your baby essentials. Whatever your tot throws your way – from hunger cries to excessive poopy diapers – a well-packed yet fashionable diaper bag (that easily clips onto your stroller) can dissolve any chaotic situation. We’ve compiled a trusty diaper bag checklist ✓ of essential items to keep in your Joolz diaper bag. That way, you and your baby are always happy.


It seems obvious that diapers are must-haves to travel with, and they are. Thank goodness for the person who invented these fluffy, absorbent life savers. You do not want to be in a situation with less than 5 diapers. Those situations can get worse if you know what I mean 💩. The longer you’re on your great day adventure, the more diapers you will need in your diaper bag. Remember little babies mean more diapers. 

Baby wipes

Wipes are ideal for keeping your baby clean and fresh. The travel pack size comes in handy for messy and super soft bottoms. Chances are, you may save a few by buying the bigger pack then dropping a few… well a whole lot, in a  ziplock bag to keep them moist.  Besides, you can store other things in it. Talk about being resourceful!

Changing pads

Things can get messy real quick if you do not have one of these life-savers. Without these, you may be asking “Where do I put my child?!” Do I hold my baby upside down? On my lap? With one hand? 😵. Calm down. Our Joolz diaper bag comes with a matching changing mat that is handy and easy to clean.

Diaper rash cream

Your baby is most likely to develop a diaper rash if they are not changed in time🕒. Babies use their diaper potties faster than the speed of light, and if you are not careful, it might strike you with an unpleasant surprise of raised bumps and a red warm tush. There are many ointments available to match every parent’s needs.  A good ointment is definitely one keep on your baby essential list. Check out over the counter ointments that do not contain any harmful ingredients. Ointments such as  Honest Diaper Rash Cream or Pipette Baby Balm.

Extra Clothing

You will probably go for months wondering why you still have those extra clothes in your diaper bag. Ok, maybe within a few weeks because your baby will be growing profusely. Whatever you do, stay away from the clothing. One day you may be thankful for them in a time that is worthy of a sanitation backup crew. It’s always useful to have a shirt, pant, undershirt and sock👚👖👕🧦. Don’t forget to rotate these clothing as your child gets bigger.

More things to add to your Joolz nursery bag

Bottles ✓

Toys ✓

Snacks ✓


Light blanket 


Burp cloths

Sun hat✓

Have you made a baby essential list as yet, and how conveniently will they fit in your Joolz diaper bag

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