About Joolz

At Joolz we believe that happy parents raise happy children.

Let's grow together


Enjoy the ride

At Joolz, we like to celebrate the good things in life. The first moment you embrace your little one and all those other first happy moments. Yes, look, he’s really sitting up, laughing and crawling – but also the challenges you’re faced with every day as a brand-new parent.


We take our inspiration from all these moments, then we try to make your life a little easier and a little bit nicer. We call that ‘Positive Design’. So follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. You’ll not just make us happy, but above all, your baby and yourself. Oh, and will you share these moments with us? Use #myjoolz.


Enjoy the ride, The Joolz family

Birth Forest

Our earth could use a bit more green. That’s why we will plant a tree for your baby in the Joolz Birth Forest. From then on, the tree will grow with your child: your child close to you and the tree in Colombia.

Reusable packaging

“It’s such a shame to throw away all that cardboard,” our Creative Director commented one day. That’s where it started. We reverted to our youthful idealism and came up with the idea of recycling our packaging. Big and small cardboard boxes – unpack them first – then convert them into a bird house, a reindeer or a lamp. So don’t throw the packaging away. Recycling is better for the environment and, who knows, your little one might learn something too.

Joolz Positive Studio

We want to know what’s going on. How we can help you? What could be better, and what do you love? To find out, we organize positive events to inspire you and to hear from you. That way, you can inspire us too. Share your moments at #myjoolz.